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>>> Latest New Beers <<< An all Australian...

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>>> Latest New Beers <<<

An all Australian & American line up of new beers this week…


Available in store & online at >> http://buff.ly/2bmFQLb

Founders Big Lushious Stout Brewed w/ Chocolate & Raspberries - NEW!
Founders Blushing Monk Belgian Ale Fermented w/ Raspberries - NEW!
Batch Burrugin Amber Ale - NEW!
Batch Terriers Bitter ESB - NEW!
Batch Withnail & IPA - NEW!
Batch La Moustache Biere De Garde Ambree - NEW!
Founders Devil Dancer Tripel IPA - NEW!
Akasha Korben D IIPA - NEW!
Prancing Pony Magic Carpet Midnight Ride Stout - NEW!


5.6% ABV

A light malt base combined with oats, bucket loads of Kiwi, U.S and Australian hops bursting with notes of tropical fruit, freshly bruised citrus and heady notes of white grapes. Modestly bitter, the finish is full, refreshing and crisp.

Squealer Fill: $15
Growler Fill: $28

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Latest new beers - It’s a great haul this week, especially for Garage Project fans!

>>> Latest new beers <<< It’s a great haul this week, especially for Garage Project fans… but get in quick cause they’re very limited! (purchase limits apply)—- QUICK LIST OF NEW BEERS —-Available in store & online at >> http://buff.ly/2bcFauMGarage Project Los Lobos American Pale Ale - NEW! (Limit 1 per person) Garage Project Hop [...]

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Australia’s Favourite Craft Beer Blogs and Podcasts

Congratulations to The Beer Pilgrim, Australia’s most used beer blog. With amazing imagery, awesome videos and interesting content, it is easy to see why this is Australia’s favourite beer blog. FollowThe Beer Pilgrim here.In second place is 250 Beers. Created by Darren Magin in 2012, with posts across an array of social media this is one beer blogger you [...]

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Australia’s Most Consumed Craft Beer Styles

The craft beer revolution began in America in the late 1970s and early 80s. Back then it was the American Pale Ale that started to create interest in tasty, full-flavoured beer. This was led by breweries such as Sierra Nevada, whose Pale Ale was the genesis for Little Creatures Pale Ale, when it was first created in Australia.Other Australian breweries [...]

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The Best Beer Producing Country in the World

In our study on craft beer drinker trends in Australia, we asked which country in the world makes the best beer. Australia came out on top, mentioned by just over one-third (35%) of beer drinkers. The United States of America (USA) followed closely behind, with a quarter (23%) of craft beer drinkers nominating the Stars and Stripes as their [...]

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Australia’s Best State for Craft Beer

Amongst those that work in the industry this will come as no surprise; Victoria is Australia’s best state for craft beer. Victoria has a lot going for it; it has a heritage of craft beer probably stronger than any other state (with the exception of WA), with breweries such as Mountain Goat, Grand Ridge, Matilda Bay (after moving from [...]

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Australia’s Favourite Craft Beer News Websites

Congratulations goes to The Crafty Pint, rated Australia’s favourite craft beer news website (by usage). The Crafty Pint was a clear favourite with almost half of all craft beer drinkers using the site. Among the other websites listed, each had very similar usage, visited by one in five drinkers. While RateBeer and Beer Advocate held similar scores to Beer & [...]

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Australia’s Favourite Mobile Beer Apps

Craft Beer has always been an industry that has truly embraced technology. A number of brewers come from Engineering and Science backgrounds, while a high proportion of craft beer consumers work in Information Technology (IT). With this in mind it is of little surprise that a third of drinkers (38%) use craft beer apps. The number one app, Untappd, originally [...]

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Australia’s Favourite Craft Beer Week

Following on from Victoria being rated Australia’s best State for craft beer, it is of little surprise that Melbourne is Australia’s favourite craft beer week based on attendance. Good Beer Week began six years ago, with The Crafty Pint largely responsible for driving its development. Since then the festival has gone from strength to strength, with 270 events taking place in [...]

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Australia’s Best Craft Brewery

The title of Australia’s Best Craft Brewery is one that is hotly debated in craft beer circles across Australia. With over 150 different craft breweries and craft beer brands, there is a very large talent pool to choose from. Time and time again we have seen two breweries vie for first and second place in the GABS Hottest 100 Australian Craft [...]

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