Beer Club

Beer Club

A beer club membership is a great way to access unique local and international beers. In just a few clicks you could start having a monthly beer club pack delivered straight to your door. Order for yourself or give the gift that keeps giving each month to that special someone.


Simply select the beer club membership you would like (half dozen or dozen) and the length of membership (3, 6, 9, 12 months or ongoing). We also offer a Pay-By-The-Month option making it a bit easier to budget for your monthly dose of beery goodness.



beer club half dozen beer club dozen

From $30.00 per month

Half Dozen - 3 Months

Half Dozen - 6 Months

Half Dozen - 9 Months

Half Dozen - 12 Months

Half Dozen - Pay-By-The-Month

From $50.00 per month

Dozen - 3 Months

Dozen - 6 Months

Dozen - 9 Months

Dozen - 12 Months

Dozen - Pay-By-The-Month



Giving a Beer Cartel Beer Club membership to someone? Simply add their delivery details in the address area during checkout. Once your order has been received, you'll be sent a link to download a gift card which you can give to the lucky recipient.


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How the Beer Club works

Each month you will receive a new range of specially selected boutique beers from Australia and around the globe. Our options have been designed so that you have two or three of each beer - perfect for sharing with friends.

The beers selected have been chosen for their quality and their taste - we are sure each will open your eyes to the exciting world of boutique beer. Our beer club has been in operation for 5 years. During that time we have never featured the same beer twice.

Upon joining you will receive your first beer selection the first week of the following month, continuing each month until it is time to renew. Your membership can be purchased in one easy payment or you can choose to pay by the month.

With each selection of beers you will also receive the monthly beer club booklet. Here you will find information on each of the beers you have received, as well as the brewers behind each beer, plus other interesting news from the world of beer.

A gift membership to the Beer Cartel Beer Club is a fantastic present for any beer lover. They’ll be in awe of the different beers they’ll receive all year round. Once your order has been received you'll be sent a link to download a gift card which you can give to the luck recipient. 

If you would like to pay for your Beer Club membership month by month please click here.

For any other questions relating to Beer Cartel Club please see our FAQs.