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10 Year Anniversary 24 Beer Gift Pack


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About The Beer

The Ultimate 10 Year Anniversary Beer Gift

Looking for an awesome 10 Year Anniversary "tin / aluminium" gift for your hard to buy for husband or partner?

Well, look no further!

Perfect to Celebrate a 10 Year Anniversary

Gifting tradition states that a 10 Year Anniversary gift is represented by aluminium or tin, but what does that have to do with a 24 pack of beer?

These aren't just any beers, these are beers packaged in cans. Cans made of aluminium!

Our Anniversary 24 Beer Gift Pack is filled with 24 beers in cans and being made from aluminium the beers in this pack it perfectly suited for a 10 year anniversary gift.

And if that wasn't good enough beer cans are often called "tinnies", perfectly delivering on the "tin" part of a 10 year anniversary gift.

Tin for Ten Years you could say! Truly a home run win for everyone - they will love it and you'll be a gifting legend having nailed this years gift perfectly.

Not only is the variety amazing in this pack but some of the beers were featured in this years Australia's Hottest 100 Beer list so you know they are top notch beers and certain to be enjoyed.

If you celebrate your wedding anniversary by theme and it's your 10 year anniversary you have just hit the jackpot! Order today for fast dispatch and delivery.

What's included with the 10 Year Anniversary 24 Beer Gift Pack:

24 amazing beers from some of the best breweries, including:

- Young Henrys Newtowner Pale
- Deeds Pre-Game Pale Ale
- Kaiju Pleazure Kruze Hazy Pale
- Hawke's Patio Pale Ale
- Hawkers Hazy Pale
- Mountain Goat Billy The Mid
- Hop Nation Rattenhund Pilsner
- Pirate Life South Coast Pale
- Green Beacon Wayfarer Tropical Pale
- Capital Rock Hopper IPA
- Akasha Super Chill Pacific Ale
- Brick Lane Natural Draught
- Willie The Boatman Albo Pale Ale
- Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale
- Bentspoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale
- Philter XPA
- Moon Dog Old Mate Pale Ale
- Beerfarm Royal Haze
- CBCO Pale Ale
- Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale
- Dainton Equalizer Hazy Pale
- Wayward Hazy Mid
- Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
- Batch Pacific Ale

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We love sustainability which is why this pack is made from recyclable or reusable products. The box and cans are recyclable and the high quality satin bow can be reused on a future gift. 

The black gift box is packed and shipped in a plain outer box (also recyclable) to ensure safe transit and keep the gift a surprise.