3 Ravens Christmas Dinner Ale

375ml Can 3.4% Saison

About The Beer

Country: Australia

Brewery: 3 Ravens Brewery

Style: Saison

Format: 375ml Can

ABV: 3.4%

What is 'Christmas beer"? Traditionally these were rich, dark and robust ales brewed to warm you up in the depths of winter, often brewed to emulate the flavours of pudding or to accompany a rich midwinter feast. When we think of Christmas in Australia we see backyard barbeques, beach cricket, swimming pool volleyball and light summer fare like seafood and salads. Enter the Christmas Dinner Ale - a dry, responsibly mid-strength farmhouse-inspired beer featuring Australian malts, hops and botanicals and designed for a high level of drinkability and refreshment while providing subtle complexity if you opt to put it on the dinner table for Christmas lunch. Toasted malt and fruity hops are joined by fruit and spice notes from the secret blend of herbs and spices and a blend of French and Belgian yeasts. A dry finish and balanced bitterness complete this ultimate Australian Table Beer.

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