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Our first Co Lab Brew

Posted by richard on 19th Sep 2014

For those that may have visited our store you will know we offer Growler and Squealer fills.  This is the filling of large sized glass vessels straight from the keg (either a 2 litre Growler or 1 litre Squealer), allowing you to buy keg fresh beer, which you can then take home and enjoy in the comfort of your home. We even use a Counter Pressure filling system which minimises oxygen entering the vessel during the fill, maximising the shelf life and quality of the beer.

We’re always on the look out for new beers to have “on tap” and so came up with the idea of working alongside our neighbours at  Flat Rock Brew Cafe to create our own collaboration beer. Flat Rock Brew Cafe is a brew-pub based in Naremburn, Sydney which has it’s own 250 Litre brew system. It has been in existence for around 2 years supplying the North Shore of Sydney with a quality craft beer venue to relax and have a few brews (as well as an excellent curry).

Stemming from our discussions to do something together we headed to Flat Rock in late March to lay down a brew. Our idea was to create something that celebrated Easter, our love of hops, higher alcohol brews and brown ales. The brewing process was great fun and very hands on – we spent the day cracking the grains, stirring the wort and adding in a few hop additions along the way. If you ever do get a chance to see or participate in the brewing process we strongly recommend doing it – it’s a great way to learn about how the World’s biggest selling alcoholic beverage is made.

Our end result was called Hoppy Bunny Massacre – described as follows:

This is our first ever Co Lab brew with our neighbours and mates at Flat Rock Brew Cafe, born out of the want for two local beer focused venues to do something together. We've taken a brown ale, made it into ...  ahem ... a super (Imperial) brown ale and then because it is Easter (or was), added a Bunny to create our Hoppy Imperial Brown Ale. All the awesomeness of an Imperial Brown Ale - hopped up. Get this before it hops off!