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  • Badlands India Pale Ale

Badlands Brewery

Badlands India Pale Ale

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Badlands Brewery, Orange, NSW

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 5.2%

Not for the faint hearted - a true IPA. Big and brash in every direction - bitter, pungent fruity hop backbone but with the malt complexity and slightly higher alcohol to bring the package back into balance.

Product Reviews


  1. 2 Star Review Disappointing

    Was expecting a stronger flavour from an IPA but was disappointed. Tasted watery and was very carbonated

  2. 3 Star Review Solid

    This is a solid IPA. It has a good IPA taste and is reliable taste.

  3. 3 Star Review Not to Shabby a beer here

    Nice subtle IPA here, get a nice malt taste to start with followed by the spice kick, not bad

  4. 5 Star Review Very good

    I drink both the PA & the IPA, both are consistently high standard, & quality. The IPA should be called " Hoppier PA"as it isn't what most modern breweries call IPA. So you won't find lip numbing hop profile, like you might get from most American breweries. USA, the land of "overkill". What you get is an easy drinking beer. More hops than the PA making it much more flavoursome, Still enough hops, to satisfy hop lovers, but the malt flavour dominates, along with a delicious roasted oatmeal biscuit taste.

  5. 1 Star Review Bad - not even a one star really!

    Awful. Poorly made beer. Lacks body, happiness, flavour, head, you name it - the are many big brand name commercial beers that are much better than this one. As craft beers go, this is a dud. I wouldn't drink it even at half the price.

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