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  • Badlands Pale Ale

Badlands Brewery

Badlands Pale Ale

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Country: Australia

Brewery: Badlands Brewery

Style: Pale Ale

Format: 330ml Bottle

ABV: 4.6%

A golden beer brewed in the traditional English Summer Ale style. Goldings hops add fruity, earthy and grassy flavours, while the very best English Maris Otter malt provides the bready, toffee background with a snappy bitterness in the finish that invites another. The well-balanced body and medium carbonation add to its quaffability. The brewers class this one as dangerously drinkable!

Product Reviews


  1. 4 Star Review extremely good

    This is the beer I mostly use as my "starter". To awaken my tastebuds,& prepare my palate for more bitter, & hoppier ones to follow.
    What a platform ! This beer is beautifully balanced, with neither the malt or hops dominating.
    Don't miss out on the yeast residue, when pouring into your glass, as this will improve flavour, mouthfeel, & bring out the oatmeal biscuit taste.

  2. 4 Star Review very good

    Nice tasting pale ale. Very easy to drink

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