Beer Cartel Limited Edition Tinnie Pack #21

Super limited. Less than 36 available.

About The Beer

This limited edition Tinnie Pack features 12 of the latest and greatest cans that are on the market.

It is the same as this month's Black Market beer subscription.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long - there are just 36 of these Tinnie Packs available and they're going to go fast!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including super popular New England IPA's then this is for you.

The line-up:

1. Mountain Goat XL Extra Lager

XL is a hop-forward and refreshing lager. A bumper blend of Australian and US hops gives this beer its signature aroma of citrus and tropical fruit notes. Mild malt flavours come through on first sip with assertive hop bitterness on the mid-palate. An extended cool-temperature fermentation with German lager yeast lends the XL a super clean finish.

2. White Bay Depth Perception DIPA

What a year. Depth Perception was conceived as an ode to the good times. With a year that could be summed up into a few colourful 4 letter words it's sometimes good to take a deep breath and take things into perspective. Nothing is permanent. Resistance is futile. We brewed this beer with some of our absolute favourite malts and a combination of hops that we are infatuated with, including some early harvest Riwaka from our dear friend Nick at One Drop Brewing.

3. Wayward Hazy Mid Pale Ale

We brewed this easy drinking hazy pale ale for those looking for a sessionable mid-strength ABV beer with a seriously juicy hop punch. Light malt and oats are perfectly balanced with tropical hop flavours of Citra, Simcoe and Chinook. The perfect backyard beer.

4. Dainton Overdrive IPA

Bold and resinous, piney & proud – this is our nod to the pioneers of the IPA. Take your own road… Because how you get there is just as important where you are going.

5. Modus Operandi Margarita Sour

Since international travel is off the cards this festive season, we thought we would take you on a different type of adventure. Sit back, don a sombrero, close your eyes & crack open our latest limited release Sour 2, a Mexican inspired Margarita Sour.

Whiff in a delicate note of tequila and juicy sweet citrus and lime. That first sip, thanks to a delicate hop dusting of Lemon Drop at all the right times, will transport you straight to a fragrant heavy fiesta evening with a soft sea breeze powdering your face. Too far? Perhaps. But after you try this slightly salty, juicy lime, Margarita inspired Sour, we reckon we might just get you there with no isolation.

6. Mountain Culture Narconomics NEIPA

With the business savvy and connections of the multinationals, not to mention the types of protection that can be offered, it just makes sense to collaborate with the Cartel. Our associates don’t even mind that we get ‘high on our own supply’, which in this case is a delightful hazy, our most Strata-forward beer so far, a hop well known for its, well, cannabis-like qualities. Really looking forward to asking our lawyer if we can call him back, the Cartel is on the other line...

7. Sauce Trubble & Squeak IIPA

Trubble is back and better than ever! Chock full of real mango, with Sabro hops rounding out the tropical theme.

8. BentSpoke How's It Gosen? Cherry Gose

Drifting in for Summer is a cheery, cherry, salty sour ale. Refreshing, blushing and full of summer sunset!

9. Amundsen Dessert In A Can Mango & Chocolate Creamsicle Stout

Introducing Can Lah, our new beer made specifically for Hawker & Roll, the next project from NZ food legends Fleur Caulton and Chef Josh Emett. Coming this December.

10. Reckless S.M.A.S.H. IPA

This Small Batch can contains one of our more rebellious brews. These beers allow us to flex our muscles a little and try something different. This beer is a one off so pick me up, crack me open, and enjoy! This XPA is a S.M.A.S.H. (Single Malt And Single Hop). Its all-Australian ingredients let the hops do the talking. The subtle Aussie Pale Malt is the perfect partner and lets the incredible Aussie Galaxy hop shine through! It’s double dry hopped, and ready to SMASH!

11. Garage Project Can Lah! Lager

Introducing Can Lah, our new beer made specifically for Hawker & Roll, the next project from NZ food legends Fleur Caulton and Chef Josh Emett. Coming this December.

12. Nomad Mango Oat Cream DDH IPA

Dialing the creaminess up to maximum with the use of oats and lactose then double dry hopped for super smooth tropical juice hoppiness. Throw in a tonne of fresh mango puree and you have it all. Tropical fruits, cream and big bold hop flavours it’s your favorite summer ice cream in a can.

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