Beer Cartel Limited Edition Tinnie Pack #22

Super limited. Less than 36 available.

About The Beer

This limited edition Tinnie Pack features 12 of the latest and greatest cans that are on the market.

It is the same as this month's Black Market beer subscription.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long - there are just 36 of these Tinnie Packs available and they're going to go fast!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including super popular New England IPA's then this is for you.

The line-up:

1. Modern Times Alien Radio DIPA

This outrageously tasty DIPA is a haze-filled festival of Citra, Idaho 7, Crystal, & Simcoe hops. Ready your face for a glorious detonation of stone fruit and tropical awesomeness with undertones of resinous pine that bring the whole thing together in a rather spectacular fashion. If you're into extremely tasty beers, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend this little number right here.

2. Deeds Fiscal Damage Hazy Triple IPA

Fiscal Damage represents an absolute disregard for any responsibility in regards to budget. Management took an early holiday as we are hopeful to be busy during Christmas, so we, the brewers decided to take it upon ourselves to burn our bonuses for the people. 50g/L Make it rain!

3. Nomad Brookie Draught

Inspired by the era of short stubbies, thongs, terry toweling hats and steaks burnt to a crisp on the BBQ. When choosing a beer was easy and it was brewed to be simply enjoyed. A classic draught style with low bitterness and refreshing malt flavours.

4. Hawkers Into the Forest, I Go Berry Sour

A mixed berry kettle sour bursting with aromas of fresh raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. A hint of tartness is perfectly rounded out with the addition of oats, providing a lovely creamy mouthfeel. Perfect for shipping in springtime.

5. Ballistic The Grandfather Oaked Ale

Inspired by his time living and brewing in the UK, Lachy, our Head Brewer, has gone about creating an English style Old Ale. Brewed with 6 different malts and aged on American Oak. We always imagined enjoying this smooth, complex, malt driven ale while lying on an animal skin rug next to an open fire in the middle of winter. But it turned out we liked it so much that we drink it all year round.

Deep copper to burnt red colours are complimented by a dense white head. Complex caramel, biscuit, toffee and vanilla flavours are balanced by a warming alcohol and firm bitterness. Malt driven and heart-warming. 

6. Akasha Endless Haze Hazy Pale Ale

Let your tongue hang ten on the cresting flavour wave of this sun-kissed Hazy Pale Ale. Brimming with peach, mango, passionfruit and pineapple notes, it's a lighter-style, cloudy beer with a full, satisfying finish that's utterly sessionable' and infinitely enjoyable.

7. Mountain Goat Rare Breed Botanical IPA

We had so much fun experimenting with botanicals to create our Hopped Gin that we couldn't resist using them in our newest brew.

The prevalent character is citrus, which hits from all angles thanks to the addition of yuzu. It's like a breakfast juice with a splash of gin marmalade.

The botanicals were carefully selected to complement a big, hoppy IPA resulting in mouthfuls of piney, citrusy goodness.

8. Sauce Caribbean Fog DDH Hazy Pale Ale

We've dialled down the booze and shrunk the cans, but we'd never compromise on taste! This juicy, hazy pale is double dry-hopped with more Azacca and Amarillo than many of our IPA's. Think mango,pineapple, pine and tangerine. Think Caribbean 5.5%

9. Yulli's Brews Dolly Aldrin Strawberry Berliner Weisse

A traditional German style sour wheat ale, where low alcohol, tartness, and fruit combine to create the ultimate quencher! The beer undergoes a 24 hour period of lacto-fermentation where all the souring takes place, before being fermented as normal, and finally blended with freshly cold pressed Strawberries. The result is a deliciously fresh light and dry ale, with some upfront tartness, which is rounded out by the juicy fruit flavours.

10. Mountain Culture Ershaffer Decoction Lager

One long, long label. You'll have to get it to read the whole spiel on this one!

11. New England Raindrops Hazy IPA

Man we were dreaming of raindrops! We had dust storms, fires and smoke, but no damn raindrops. And then they came and so too this juicy IPA, fermented with a big dose of local honey to lighten the body for the Citra and 016 (Eclipse) hop blend to really pop. Drink fresh and don't save for a rainy day!

A crack of the can and you get hit with huge orange and mandarin with a touch of grapefruit and mango. The body is luscious and sweet with a honey bread mixed with citrus to finish.

The honey we used for this beer came from Spring Valley Honey and its hives in the Bingara-Bundarra-Inverell area. The dark and pungent batches of honey we used are best described as "Drought Honey" - pretty fitting for this beer. Spring Valley describes drought honey as the product of the bees scavenging for pollen during a drought when there is little available for them. The result is a complex and rich honey.

12. Modus Operandi Wax Flower Sour

Our first release for 2021 is a wax on, wax off kinda deal - with a gentle nod to one of Australia's most unusual and in turn unused native plants, Geraldton Wax, endemic to Western Australia.

With a citrus sting of summer right off the bat, this bouquet of floral flavours and aroma will leave you wanting more. And more you will get out of this stunner 6.9% summer sour.

Lemon Myrtle on the nose with hints of Lavender and Pine. Finishing with a swift tart refreshing kick that lingers like those long carefree summer days of old.

Wax Flower Sour is a uniquely Aussie taste and you'll be hard pressed to find anything like it. Wax on. Wax off.

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