Beer Cartel Limited Edition Tinnie Pack #31

Strictly Limited.

About The Beer

This limited edition Tinnie Pack features 12 of the latest and greatest cans that are on the market.

Don't mess around because this one isn't going to last long!

If you're looking for some tasty new beers to try, including super popular IPAs then this is for you.

The line-up:

1. Hop Nation First Dip Hazy IPA

The technique of dip hopping allows the infusion of hops to boost a clean, but pungent hop aroma. FIRST DIP was created using this technique on a generous combination of Strata, Mosaic Cryo, Citra Cryo and Galaxy. Floral, fresh and rousing. ABV: 6.9%

2. Van Dieman Deep Roots Oaked XPA

Aged in oak, oak chips added & dry hopped with mosaic and HBC 472 to really encapsulate that dynamic mix of hop and vanilla oak flavours, Deep Roots has been a labour of love to develop, & includes oak chips from our own English oaks on the property, dried in-house & added at dry hopping. ABV: 5.7%

3. Kosciuszko Botanical IPA

Kosciuszko Brewery encompasses the spirit and the inspiration of the Snowy Mountains. The pioneering explorer, Edmund Strzelecki who first ascended our highest peak, named the mountain in honour of the Polish freedom fighter Kosciuszko. New to Bayfield’s is Kosciuszko Botanical IPA. Alpine Gin, Botanicals, Saaz, Citra and Galaxy Hops are included for a most refreshing experience. ABV: 5.4%

4. Bridge Road Tropical Sour

This juicy sour ale glows all golden with a soft, tropical twang. The balance of tropical fruit notes and crisp acidity make this beer the ultimate refresher.  ABV: 4.1%

5. Blackman’s Cold IPA

It’s not an IPA, it’s not an IPL, it’s a COLD IPA! ABV: 6.5%

6. Resin Sandon Lager

Introducing ‘Sandon Lager’. A crisp, all grain, preservative free 4.5% lager brewed right here in Bulli!! It’s finished fermenting and is currently being lagered at 0.5 degrees. It has a divine malty backbone with a light dry finish. Lightly hopped in Pilsen style. ABV: 4.5%

7. Otherside Sabbath Stout

Sabbath Stout; A decadent dessert stout. Local coffee from roasters Little Owl compliments the choc and coffee flavours in the malt bill. Vanilla and lactose added post ferment delivers the perfect balance between big sweet flavours and gentle bitterness. ABV: 6.6%

8. Grifter Daisy Hazy Pale Ale

Spring has most definitely sprung with our latest can release, a hazy style pale ale - 'Daisy'. At an easy going 4.8%, you can expect a straight up tropical explosion thanks to layers of a classic mix of Amarillo, Citra and Mosaic hops which sing loud & proud in this good-time, picnic pleaser. Rolled oats are used in the brewing process and then fermented with a Verdant yeast strain to help give us a consistent, juicy, hazy beer. ABV: 4.8%

9. Yulli's Mr T Blueberry Steam Ale

Introducing our latest concoction in Mr T - Blueberry Steam Ale. An accessible yet unique hybrid beer, blurring the lines between lager and ale with a bright and fresh blueberry aroma, before easing down the palette for a clean and dry finish with a subtle berry kick. Named in honour of our creative genius behind all things Yulli's food, Tuan. ABV: 4.5%

10. Dainton 5-Hop Anniversary NEIPA

Five hops and five years of fun, madness and mayhem have gone into this special Fifth Anniversary Beer – a hop-tastic NEIPA brewed just for you… our supporters. ABV: 8.5%

11. Boatrocker Big Shot Imperial Coffee Brown Ale

We've taken our classic brown ale, increased the recipe to make it Imperial, and then added enough Columbian Heavy Roast coffee to really make it count! Big coffee, balanced by a delicate toasty malt base. Delicious! ABV: 8.0%

12. Akasha DDH Double Dry Hopped IPA

Get hyped for a flavour hit of epic proportions as two giants of hops, Citra and Mosaic, duke it out in a dazzling display of mango, citrus and grapefruit intensity. Low in bitterness and double dry-hopped for your drinking pleasure, it’s the very definition of crushable. ABV: 6.5%

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