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Best of Australia Mixed 12 Pack


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About The Beer

It's no secret the Australian craft beer industry has been absolutely booming the past few years, so to celebrate all things crafty in our sunburnt country our staff have picked some of their favourite Aussie craft beers.

Featuring a mix of limited releases and core beers from favourites like Mountain Culture, Balter, Deeds, Hop Nation, Range and heaps more.

Here's the line-up:

1. Range Cash Rules Everything Around Me 440ml Can

Cash Rules Everything Around Me is a brand new DDH Pale that features a Cashmere heavy dry hop, accompanied by our homie Citra. We were aiming for a soft and tropical pale that packed a juicy punch for its ABV and that is exactly what we've delivered. Orange citrus zest with hints of lemon and lime on the nose quickly transform to soft peach and melon on the palate. Citra brings a distinctly creamy orange finish with a light lychee hint. Low on bitterness and high on the crush factor. 5.5% ABV

2. Hawkers IIPA 375ml Can

Hops, more hops, and then more hops again. That’s our approach to this massive IIPA, which is brimming with juicy and fruity hop notes balanced by prominent bitterness and a full and lush body. Proceed cautiously, it’s dangerously drinkable. 9% ABV

3. Mountain Culture Cult IPA 355ml Can

An intoxicating blend of juicy hops with a soft body, it might brainwash you into selling everything you own, growing a ponytail and starting a drumming circle just for one more sip. 6.2% ABV 

4. Mountain Goat Surefoot XXV Vanilla Stout 375ml Can

Surefoot Stout has had more comebacks than Farnsy, bringing new fans into the fold with each new outing and proving that you can’t keep a good Goat down!
For this extra-special 25th birthday release we kept things simple, adding pure vanilla essence to lend a subtle vanilla sweetness to complement the rich, bittersweet characters of the original Surefoot. 5.5% ABV

5. Cheeky Monkey West Coast IPA 375ml Can

An American style west coast India pale ale with bold hop presence and easy drinkability. 6.5% ABV

6. Balter NZ IPA 375ml Can

Fire up your kisser and hold onto your jandals, this beer will thrill you from face to feet. The 2nd stop in our NZ experience, Motueka and Nectaron rev their hop engines for a liquid delight. Lime jelly and marmalade notes swirl with white peach and refined grassy resin, all strapped together with a firm malt structure. Clear and bright as a mountain lake, NZ IPA is a jetboat ride for your mouth. 7% ABV

7. Deeds Double Time DDH Pale Ale 375ml Can

Here at Deeds Brewing we have been making great beer since 2012 and in 2015 we found our base and planned a brewery. In early 2019 we finally released the first brew from our Glen Iris home, proving sometimes the best things in life can take double the time. Our Hazy Pale delivers a fresh, tropical fruit aroma complemented by subtle tones of pine, reminding us that good things come to those who wait. 4.6% ABV

8. Molly Rose Skylight IPA 375ml Can

This classic West Coast IPA shrines with bright citrus and stone fruit hop aromas and finishes with a dry, clean bitterness. 5.7% ABV

9. Slow Lane To Put It Mildly Dark Mild 375ml Can

Until the 1960s, milds were the most popular beer style in England. To Put It Mildly is a dark mild, a malty beer with a wide range of flavours including caramel, toast, roast, toffee, chocolate and dark fruits. The hops are mostly added to provide supporting bitterness with the focus on the malt and to a lesser extent the yeast derived fruity esters. A well balanced beer that is super drinkable and full of flavour for its low strength. 3.5% ABV

10. Boatrocker Life is Peachy Sour Ale 375ml Can

A Peach and Bergamot Sour. 200kgs of white peaches went into this brew with Bergamot puree. 4% ABV

11. Hop Nation Organic Lager 375ml Can

Introducing our certified Organic Lager. When we got thinking about the beer we wanted to drink all summer, we kept coming back to a classic lager. Using organically grown hops and malt, with no added preservatives, it gives a subtle floral hop aroma and a mild bitterness. It's everything we wanted and more. It's crisp, clear and refreshing. 4% ABV

12. Frenchies Hazy XPA 330ml Can

Our newest core range beer will make you feel as free as when you’re on the beach with your Frenchie off the leash on a misty summer morning, freshly pressed tropical juice in hand. Is it mango, passionfruit or lime that you can taste? 

Malt: Pale, Oat, Wheat, Triticale Hops: Mosaic, Riwaka, Strata. 4.2% ABV


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