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100km done and dusted!

17th Nov 2010

The Oxfam 100km Trailwalker was a real physical and mental challenge. Our team, G n’ 3, finished in 39 hours and 8 minutes with only a 20 minute power nap on a cold hard floor to recharge the batteries at the 60km mark!

So, here’s a survival guide in case you ever consider doing the 100km Oxfam challenge:

- Make sure you like the people you walk with because you walk as a team the whole way!
- Pack a first aid kit with plenty bandaids, strapping tape, Voltaren and Nurofen Plus. They will become your best friend!
- Pack a pocket knife. Ours came in handy when Kez asked that we cut a hole in her brand new runners, so her little toe could gain relief from the confines of her shoe. She walked from the 70km mark to the end with her toe and sock poking out the side (check out the pic below).
- Make sure to pack your sanity within easy reach, when you lose it from the lack of sleep you’ll want to get it back ASAP!

A special thanks to our support crew Rich, Claire, Grant, Sam and Mary who met us at checkpoints. They worked hard to keep us fed, hydrated and motivated.

Now that I have had a few days to recover the focus is back on Beer Cartel…. not that it was ever neglected! In terms of Beer Cartel, we now have beer sitting in temperature controlled storage, ready and waiting for website launch. We are getting the finishing touches made to the site and should be open for business mid-end September.

Hope your looking forward to it because I can’t wait!!

Cheers, Geoff