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​3 Ravens Heavy Double IPA 440ml Can ⠀

​3 Ravens Heavy Double IPA 440ml Can ⠀

14th Sep 2019

Beer description: This is Heavy! We have an annual tradition of showcasing our favourite American hop varieties and this year we decided to make things a little more interesting.⠀

We’re still showcasing bucketloads o f Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops (added frequently and judiciously), but this year there are supporting roles courtesy of local malt made by independent Australian operators celebrating local ingredients and tradition.⠀

This beer features the heritage Australian barley variety Schooner - nearly lost to the cogs of industrial lager brewing, but revived by the likes of Coopers Brewery and Voyager Craft Malt to provide a malt tailored specifically to suit ale brewing. A robust base of single origin Schooner ale malt from Coopers Maltings is complimented by aromatic toasted Schooner malts from the legendary Voyager Craft Malt as well as a touch of puffed wheat.⠀

Rich bready and lightly toasted malt notes combine with tropical and citrus hops for one of our richest DOUBLE IPAs to date.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @3ravensbrewery⠀