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​3 Ravens Thicc Shake IPA

​3 Ravens Thicc Shake IPA

6th Mar 2020

Beer description: When we were kids, one of life’s most important quests was that for the perfect vanilla milkshake. Now that we’re adults we’ve come to realise that the perfect milkshake contains booze and an obscene amount of hops.⠀

For our latest Milkshake IPA we started with a smooth and creamy base of wheat, oats and dextrin malts. Then we dialed up the thicc!⠀

Milk sugar and vanilla are added in generous servings, the likes of which our inner child could only dream of. Hallertau Blanc, Galaxy and Cryo Mosaic hops are added at five stages to produce a balanced bitterness and ripe fruit top notes.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @3ravensbrewery⠀