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Indie Beer Day

Indie Beer Day is almost upon us (Saturday 25th July). We're big supporters of Australian Independent Breweries and are a proud Associate Member of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA). You can view the full list of members here.  When we started Beer Cartel way back in 2009 there wasn't much craft beer around and the world of buy-outs [...]

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Podcast Episode 28: The Weihenstephaner with Matthias Ebner

For our 28th episode we chat to Matthias Ebner, International Brand Ambassador for Weihenstephaner  For all the latest craft beer, head to the Beer Cartel Website: Subscribe to 'The Inside Word' on  iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify

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​Slow Lane Botany Weisse Mixed Fermentation Sour Ale

⠀Beer description: This is our interpretation of the Berliner Weisse style beer originating from Berlin, Germany. Staying true to traditional recipes, Botany Weisse was not boiled and was fermented with a mixed culture of ale yeast, Lacto souring bacteria and Brett yeast. This is a living product that will continue to develop further complexity over [...]

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​New England Big Winter Belgian Strong Dark Ale 500ml Can

Beer description: We brew Big Winter once a year to celebrate frosts, snow flurries and the smell of wood fires - a New England Winter!⠀⠀A strong Belgian Dark Ale, Big Winter has an aroma of dark fruit, burnt sugar and toffee, before taking you to a body of rich malts, chocolate and lingering candy sweetness. [...]

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​All Inn Arrive Late Leave Early IPA

⠀Beer description: This is our homage to the OG’s and elders, arrogant bastards and palate wreckers who brought big flavour back to beer. A classic West Coast IPA, it’s bold as a Muscle Beach six pack, rich as 90210, pungent as Yakima hop fields, and resinous as Yosemite pine. Take a descent into dankness.⠀⠀Available online [...]

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​Staves Biscuit Tin Coconut & Raspberry Ale

⠀Beer description: Based on the Australian biscuit this beer captures what makes Iced VoVo’s great.⠀⠀An underlying nuttiness and biscuit malt backbone as the base, it has additions of raspberry, coconut, vanilla and lactose to round it all out.⠀⠀Available online & in store:⠀Photo by: @fossbeers⠀

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​Hawkers Moment of Clarity DIPA

⠀Beer description: Moments of clarity are as rare as they are enlightening, such as the moment you first sip on a 9.0% Double IPA that opens the heavens and delivers an epiphany about the moment you first first had a sip of Double IPA. Life is strange. Don’t forget to stop and smell the hops.⠀⠀

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​Quiet Deeds Phaze Shift Oat Cream Hazy DIPA

⠀Beer description: Deeds Brewing and Hopheads were both born out of a passion for beer. We started with a dream and have grown from there.⠀⠀Hopheads bars and stores are in Melbourne’s West and after 5 years they’re switching up their style. What better way to celebrate than making a beer together?⠀⠀Enjoy this citrus fruitball with [...]

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​Prancing Pony Miss Kitty Schwarzbier

⠀Beer description: Miss Kitty, the Saloon boss has been spooking around the brewer’s head for a long time. Miss Kitty is dark and alluring with a refreshing personality. A Black Lager styled on a traditional “Schwarzbier”, with roasted flavours, a low bitterness making it perfect for a winters evening.⠀Available online & in store:⠀⠀Photo by: [...]

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​Mountain Culture Zero Mississippi Triple IPAc

⠀Beer description: You know how you count, “One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi”, to see how far away a storm is? Well, when DJ and Pat went for a frolic down a local canyon recently, a freak winter storm rolled in and they were indirectly struck by lightning. They’re fine (!) but it was probably [...]

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