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A beer to call our own…

7th Jul 2010

Everything is moving forward with Beer Cartel. Thanks to everyone for their support, advice and help. We are now halfway through our new website design and liquor license, and are getting excited!

We have decided as part of our product offer we should include our very own Beer Cartel craft beer!

So last weekend, we headed off on another road trip… this time more local. We meet with Stuart Boag at The Beer Factory in Sevenhills, Sydney( With a name like Boag you just need to be involved with beer, and Stuart has done exactly that. Stuart has a great understanding of the beer industry, with seven years experience working at Lion Nathan before starting The Beer Factory three years ago.

The Beer Factory is a great place to go for anyone looking to brew their own beer. Using The Beer Factory facilities and under the guidance of the staff there, you are involved throughout the brewing process, creating a product specifically brewed for you. While we were there fifteen or so others were busy creating their own beers. You could definitely see the excitement on their faces! Not only is it a great place for making beer but also for learning about the whole brewing process.

Now getting back to the update – we are looking to create our own Beer Cartel craft beer. While we are in the early concept stages of the beer, we are certain we can produce a winner – stay tuned for more details soon!


Richard and Geoff