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Act 1 – Moa Sip and Sample complete

23rd Mar 2011

Over the last while we have been busy like beavers, working away, renovating the space above our shop into a tasting room. While we still have a bit to do to get it perfect, we couldn’t waste a chance to have our first tasting – the Moa Beer Sip & Sample!

Two weeks ago on a wet Saturday afternoon, twenty thirsty beer lovers and beer novices made the first visit to what was nicknamed “The Beer Cave”. The sip and sample involved five of Moa’s Reserve range, matched with simple snacks which could be easily replicated at home.

While each beer was served Geoff and the amicable Devon Tong from New Zealand’s Moa Brewing Company took drinkers on a journey with a range of beer banter, and plenty of healthy, but not heated, discussions about all things beer.

As with the unveiling of any new project, we had a bit of trepidation as to how things would go. But it looks like we needn’t have worried. Everyone loved the beers, the food, and the company! The beers and matched food pairings we had included: 
₋Moa Original (Pilsner Lager) with Swiss cheese and water crackers 
₋Moa Methode (bottle fermented Pilsner Lager) with Tropical Fruit skewers 
₋Moa Blanc (Wheat Lager) with Smoked Salmon toasties with Cream Cheese and Dill 
₋Moa Pale Ale with Spicy Chicken Wings 
₋Moa Noir (Dark Lager) with Chocolate Brownies (homemade by Geoff’s better half)

After the success of the tasting session, we can’t wait for our next one! We’ve got a couple of great ideas for different tasting, but at the moment things are all under wraps – watch this space (or Facebook), for the next event!