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Advent calendar recap: Day 25 Pirate Life Double IPA

25th Dec 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’ve had a great day, enjoyed some special times with family and friends, and shared some tasty beers.

Thanks to everyone for getting on board our Beer Advent Calendar - we hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Advent calendar recap: Day 25 Pirate Life IIPA

Photo by @coreymch

Check out the brewers description about the beer:

“Introducing the Pirate Life IIPA.

Crafting great beer is all about balance. At one end of the scale, if you’re brewing a delicate Western European lager, you have to ensure that the four ingredients work in harmony. These more delicate styles take incredible skill to brew well as there’s nowhere to hide any miscalculations or mistakes throughout production.

Launching to the almost extreme opposite, the realm of IIPAs, balance, surprisingly, is still a defining factor. Instead of delicacy in balance, it’s now big flavour in balance.

Simplistically, to achieve a big flavourful IIPA you need: Big Malt + Big Hops + Big Fermentation.

It’s a bit of complicated symbiosis between these three requirements and each of these three provide multiple elements. The malt provides the complex spectrum of sugars for fermentation as well as the main structure and body of the beer. The hops contribute bitterness to balance the malt sweetness as well as resinous piney flavours and juicy fruity-citrusy aromas. The fermentation provides us with a big hit of fun juice (ethanol) and the vast array of incredibly important characterful aroma and flavour compounds.

Not sure if that was too far off track, anyway, what you needed to take away from that was: Pirate Life IIPA is a big beer with big delicious fresh flavours that we hope you will enjoy by sticking it in your big mouth. Peace.”

Quite possibly Australia’s best Double IPA.

Available in store and online:

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