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​Akasha Triple Fire Amber Ale 375ml Can

​Akasha Triple Fire Amber Ale 375ml Can

14th Apr 2022

Available online & in store:

Beer Description: Introducing Triple Fire Amber Ale…

A revamped, ramped up version of an old core range fave, Fire Within, Triple Fire comes out guns blazing and packed full of flavour in the latest ripper from the Akasha hit machine.

We’ve retained Fire Within’s amber hue and upped the hoppy goodness with extra Cascade and Centennial hops for a beer without peer, all perfectly balanced with an intricate malt bill that takes the original and reinterprets it beautifully.

It’s Faith No More’s ‘War Pigs’ to Sabbath’s original, a faithful rendering that ups the ABV to a wicked 10.5% and lets rip with more strongly defined riffs of caramel and biscuit, enlivened by shimmering citrus for a simply stunning amber ale that’s enlivened by stunning citrus.

Great Photo by: @akashabrew