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​Alvinne Cuvée Freddy Blueberry Dark Sour⠀

​Alvinne Cuvée Freddy Blueberry Dark Sour⠀

6th Aug 2019

Beer description: Barrel Aged version of ‘Sigma’. Aged on red wine barrels (Margaux, St-Emilion or Pomerol). Macerated with Blueberries.⠀

Sigma is a dark and strong beer, skillfully balanced between sweet and sour. Sigma is part of the “Omega - Phi - Sigma trilogy” which matures in stainless steel tanks where the Morpheus yeast imparts a refreshing sourness. Sigma leans closely towards the traditional Flemish Oud Bruin, but is more robust due to its 8% abv.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @brouwerijalvinne