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Another crazy haul of new beers this week, including @nakedned...

12th Nov 2015

Another crazy haul of new beers this week, including @nakedned Bridge Road Brewers & Friends Craft Beer Christmas Countdown Pack! Includes 24 individual beers - one for each day of December until Christmas Eve. The specially designed box means each beer is kept hidden until you pop it out of the box!

Other newbies thanks to @mashbrewingco @drinkmoorbeer @sirencraftbrew @cavalierbrewing #WolfoftheWillows @Beavertownbeer @toolbeer & @BuxtonBrewery

^^^ Link in bio for all latest arrivals — buy online and have your #craftbeerdelivered or pick up in store ^^^

Moor Beer Nor Hop - NEW!
Moor Beer Illusion - NEW!
Moor Beer Hoppiness - NEW!
Beavertown Quelle - NEW!
Siren All Bretts Are Off - NEW!
Siren Calypso Mandarina - NEW!
Siren Mums The Word - NEW!
Siren Uncle Zester - NEW!
Siren Undercurrent - NEW!
Buxton Far Skyline Sour - NEW!
Buxton Battle Horse - NEW!
To Ol Baltic Frontier - NEW!
To Ol Nelson Survin - NEW!
To Ol Yeastus Christus - NEW!
Bridge Road Advent Craft Beer Countdown - NEW!
Wolf of Willows XPA 330ml - NEW!
Mash Cola Nick - NEW!
Mash Wizz Fizz - NEW!
Cavalier Double IPA - NEW!

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