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April 2021 Beer Club Subscription

April 2021 Beer Club Subscription

8th Apr 2021

Welcome to this month's tasting notes and our latest podcast. For tasting notes scroll down, or to listen to the podcast simply click the play button below.

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For our 30th episode and to celebrate International Woman's Day, Holly Slater from Beer Cartel chats with Rose Kentish and Kari Allen, co-founders of Sparkke, the all-female run and led craft brewery.

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Tasting Notes

Full list of beers included in this month's beer subscription are below. Note different beers are included in different packs. This selection can also be seen at Untappd here.

Freshie Margarita

Freshie Margarita Sour - Gose

4.5% ABV

10 IBU

Brewery: Nomad Brewing Co.

Location: Brookvale, New South Wales

Beer Description: A cocktail inspired gose with Murray River pink salt, seawater, agave and lime.

Project X: Cosmic Pyrokinesis

Project X: Cosmic Pyrokinesis IPA - New England

6.7% ABV

25 IBU

Brewery: Mother Earth Brewing Company

Location: Vista, CA

Beer Description: Part of our Project X Series: Oats and German Pale Wheat add a light cracker-like flavour to an otherwise hop-centric HIPA. The hop profile remains fruity with light citrus and tropical notes reminiscent of mixed berries, pineapple, and orange zest. Hops: Mosaic, Amarillo, El Dorado, Belma.

Red Tape

Red Tape Lager - Amber

5% ABV

25 IBU

Brewery: Jack's Abby Craft Lagers

Location: Framingham, MA

Beer Description: Navigating the labyrinth of brewery licensing and state regulations isn't easy. When we finally got the green light to open our brewery, we were also inspired with the perfect name for our pilot beer. Red Tape Lager has a full malty flavor typical of Bavarian dark lagers. It's brewed with 100% Dark Munich Malt. Additions of Glacier hops for bittering and noble German hops for aroma strike a balance between American and European flavours.

Warrior Woman 2021

Warrior Woman 2021 Pale Ale - New England

4.9% ABV

29 IBU

Brewery: Two Birds Brewing

Location: Spotswood, Victoria

Beer Description: This IWD, we’re raising a Warrior Woman to all the women out there that give us the lift we need to take flight every day. Their hardy skins, sweet souls, and endless ability to inspire was the driving force behind this beer, a Juicy Pale Ale bursting with bright citrus and tropical fruit hops, elevated by a splash or two of pineapple juice. Smooth from the first sip and pouring a light hazy golden, this full-flavoured beer is at its heart, an easy-going quencher for everyone to embrace. Supporting SisterWorks and Girls Rock! Melbourne this International Womxn’s Day.

Galaxy Valley

Galaxy Valley IPA - Imperial / Double

8% ABV

Brewery: Garage Project

Location: Wellington City, Wellington

Fiery Gates of Helles

Fiery Gates of Helles Lager - Helles

5% ABV

Brewery: Deeds Brewing

Location: Glen Iris, Victoria

Beer Description: In our continuing quest to improve our traditional style lagers, we bring you, dear drinker, to the Fiery Gates of Helles. A classic style brewed with Pale, Vienna, and Chit malt with a traditional Mittefruh hopping on the hot side. Perfect for a summer afternoon, and light enough to keep you going into a cool evening.


Supertrooper IPA - Imperial / Double New England

10% ABV

30 IBU

Brewery: Dainton Beer

Location: Carrum Downs, Victoria

Beer Description: Our old mate is back! Bigger, badder and better in a HUGE 440ml can! Blasting your tastebuds with bold, juicy hops and gliding you home with a silky smooth mouthfeel.

Hawaiian Haze IPA

Hawaiian Haze IPA IPA - American

6% ABV

Brewery: Ballistic Beer

Location: Salisbury, QLD


BruChocs Stout - Other

6% ABV

Brewery: Big Shed Brewing Concern

Location: Royal Park, South Australia

Beer Description: A hearty chocolate stout infused with 'Fru', the delicious apricot and peach heart of a Fruchoc.Shelly’s Milk Chocolate Orange Stout

Shelly’s Milk Chocolate Orange Stout Stout - Milk / Sweet

5% ABV

Brewery: The Coastal Brewing Company

Location: Forster, NSW

Beer Description: Launched in time for Easter, this milk chocolate orange stout has oodles of orange zest, chocolate and vanilla to appeal to those chocolate and orange combo lovers! As well as being a nod to “Terry’s”, this is named after Shelly beach near Forster, which is described as “an unofficial clothing optional beach”. Contains lactose.

Ants In Ya Pants

Ants In Ya Pants Pale Ale - Australian

4.8% ABV

Brewery: Pirate Life Brewing

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Beer Description: We teamed up with the crew at Knobby and brewed ‘Ants In Ya Pants’, an Aussie Pale Ale with a twist. Points for guessing the secret ingredient... Ok, ok, it’s ants. Green Ants to be precise. Ethically sourced by our mates at Something Wild, they pack a mean citrusy punch, so half a kilo in the whirlpool does the job. Complementing their unique taste are hop varieties Riwaka and Strata, while a blend of pale malts provides the base. The beer pours sunny yellow, with a persistent haze. Expect aromas of pineapple, nectarine and lime. On the palate, citrus pairs with herbaceous notes and a gentle hint of malt.

Red's Dead - Nitro

Red's Dead - Nitro Red Ale - American Amber / Red

7% ABV

50 IBU

Brewery: Green Beacon

Location: Teneriffe, QLD

Beer Description: Red's Dead is our Autumn Seasonal. Aromas of honeycomb and figs. Flavours of fresh fruity espresso are followed and melon sweetness with an aftertaste of jersey caramels.

Barley Griffin

Barley Griffin Pale Ale - Australian

4.2% ABV

22 IBU

Brewery: BentSpoke Brewing Co

Location: Braddon, Australian Capital Territory

Beer Description: An easy drinking Canberra pale ale with a subtle hop aroma. Cloudy but fine. Hops: Ekuanot,

Cali Cream

Cali Cream Cream Ale

4.5% ABV

20 IBU

Brewery: Seven Mile Brewing Co.

Location: Ballina, New South Wales


XPA Pale Ale - Australian

4.2% ABV

25 IBU

Brewery: Atomic Beer Project

Location: 158 Regent Street, New South Wales

Change the Date

Change the Date Pilsner - Czech

3.5% ABV

Brewery: Sparkke Change Beverage Co.

Location: Adelaide, SA

Beer Description: January 26th is a date that for many Australians, evokes images of joyful gatherings with beachside barbeques, beer, music and red, blue and white paraphernalia. But for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and many non-Aboriginal Australians, it is a date that marks the beginning of two centuries of dispossession, theft, colonization and violence. Changing the date of Australia day is about how a nation that professes values of fairness and inclusiveness truly delivers on those values. It’s about truth and human decency. A Czech-inspired Pilsner with a modern flair. This Pilsner is dry-hopped – unusual for a Pils - but we believe it strengthens the fruity bouquet. Filtered bright, it’s been given generous lagering time to develop its sophisticated flavour. Hops from England, Czech Republic, Germany and New Zealand. Predominantly Australian-grown malt, with a dash of German malt. Cause Partner: Sparkke is waiting for a formal submission from regarding formalisation of a cause partnership.

Small Ale

Small Ale Pale Ale - Australian

3.5% ABV

22 IBU

Brewery: Colonial Brewing Co

Location: Margaret River, Western Australia

Beer Description: Drink Small. Stand Tall. Meet Colonial Small Ale, brewed to be lower in alcohol, not impact, or flavour. Our Small Ale is brewed using the same techniques – with the same malt and hop profiles – as an IPA, but it’s cleverly crafted to reduce the alcohol content to 3.5 per cent, without sacrificing substance. Brewed to deliver gentle, lasting bitterness, and layered a swift kick of citrus-and-pine goodness, you can drink small and stand tall with our full-bodied, flavour-packed Small Ale.

'Amanda' Mandarin IPA

'Amanda' Mandarin IPA IPA - American

6.7% ABV

51 IBU

Brewery: Yulli's Brews

Location: Alexandria, New South Wales

Beer Description: This American style IPA is layered with a range of mandarin flavour from a carefully selected hop bill and a healthy serving of cold pressed mandarins blended with orange peel liqueur. The result is a super drinkable, fruit drivien IPA with an assertive mandarin peel bitterness and a dry mouthfeel. The perfect Winter IPA making use of our favourite seasonal citrus fruit.