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April Beer Club Selection

11th May 2011

Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store:

Unit 9, 87 Reserve Road 
NSW 2064 
Ph: 1300 808 254

The April Beer Club selection includes:

Samuel Adams, Black Lager

When one sees a beer with a darker complexion these days, more often it’s a porter or a stout. But looks can be deceiving. There exists a style older than both and generally less well known; the schwarzbier, which translates to "Black Beer."

Schwarzbier comes from Germany and uses bottom fermenting lager yeast. A medium bodied beer brewed using several different roasts of malt to create a smooth body and depth of malt character that has to be tasted to be believed.


Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale

The Australian Ale is Bridge Road’s original brew. It’s a perfectly balanced ale and a great introduction to the world of craft beer.

Australian Ale is a beer style that can trace its roots back to English Pale Ales. Traditional Australian styled ales had all but been forgotten since the advent of lagers. Thankfully this beer style is enjoying a revival. Bridge Road’s "Aussie Ale", as it is affectionately know by the locals, is a true "session beer”. We hope you enjoy the Aussie Ale as much as the Beechworth locals do!


William Bull, William’s Pale Ale

In the tradition of Australian Pale Ales, William’s Pale Ale treads the line between a highly quenching ale, super bright and fresh with sharp carbonation, and lots of fresh hop and malt flavours for those that appreciate some real taste in their beer.

Brewed with all Australian malts and bittering hops, the beer is light on the palate with a subdued clean bitterness.

Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

Old Speckled Hen has a full, smooth flavour and is very easy to drink. Its rich amber colour and superb fruity aromas are complemented by a delicious blend of malty tastes. Toffee and malt combine with bitterness on the back of the tongue to give a balanced sweetness. This is followed by a refreshingly dry finish.

"Old Speckled Hen" was first brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Named after an old MG car which was used as the factory run around, they would park the old MG Featherweight Fabric Saloon outside the paint shop where it would normally get spattered in paint and so it became known as the ‘Owld Speckl’d Un’. This turned into "Old Speckled Hen" when the beer was unveiled.