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Australia's Favourite Beer Festival 2017

Australia's Favourite Beer Festival 2017

Posted by Richard Kelsey on 29th Aug 2017

Australia's Favourite Beer Festival 2017 (By Attendance) - Top 10

Australia's Favourite Beer Festival 2017 (By Attendance)

Australia's favourite beer festival for 2017 is GABS, aka the Great Australiasian Spectpaular. GABS originated in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength, with the festival now taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.

Full results (% attended):

Festival %
GABS 22.3%
Melbourne Beerfest 4.5%
Ballarat Beer Festival 4.2%
Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival 4.1%
Australian Hotel Beer Festival 2.9%
Fremantle Beerfest 2.8%
Beer Incider Experience 2.5%
Great Australian Beer Festival (Geelong) 2.3%
Canberra Craft Beer & Cider Festival 2.2%
Bendigo Craft Beer Festival 2.1%
Newcastle Beer Fest 2.1%
Yarra Valley Beer & Cider Festival 2.0%
Bitter & Twisted Boutique Beer Festival (Maitland) 1.9%
Beer Day Out (Canberra) 1.8%
Brewers Feast (Melbourne) 1.6%
Hobart Beer Fest 1.6%
Warners At The Bay Craft Beer Festival (Newcastle) 1.4%
High Country Hops (Beechworth) 1.2%
South West Craft Beer Festival (Busselton) 1.2%
Crafted Live (Wollongong) 1.1%
Bendigo On The Hop 1.0%
Central Coast Craft Beer & Cider Festival 0.9%
Fresh Hop Beer Festival (Launceston) 0.8%
Esk Beerfest (Launceston) 0.8%
Great Southern Beer & Cider Festival (Yarra Glen) 0.8%
Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival 0.6%
Crafted Live (Orange) 0.5%

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