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Australia's Ultimate Top 50 Beers

1st Jun 2017

Over the years we’ve read our fair share of Top Beer lists. Heck, we even wrote one that was a bit tongue and cheek! You can read it on our blog if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s titled The Best 12 Beers In The World and can be found online at

The reality though is we’ve never put pen to paper on a true top beer list, so we thought it was about time. The list we’ve created is no ordinary list. It’s not a single person’s opinion or our teams favourite Australian beers, but rather a collation of 4 industry leading beer polls used to create Australia’s Ultimate Top 50 Beers. This uses tens of thousands of ratings by people just like you to create the list.

Our methodology in brief uses the Top 50 beers from Untappd, RateBeer, Beer Advocate and GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers. Here’s an overview of each of them:

GABS Hottest 100: Created by the team behind the GABS Festival, the Hottest 100 has the best Australian beers polled in January each year.

Untapped: Hands down the simplest to use beer rating phone app around. Beers are scored out of 5 stars.

RateBeer: A slightly more complex beer rating website with multiple ratings and scores. Started in 2000, the website claims to be “the most visited source for beer information”.

Beer Advocate: This is the granddaddy of all beer rating websites, having started in 1996; basically when the internet as we know it was in its infancy.

So what do you get when you roll up the top 50 beers from each of these sources? An awesome list of Australia’s best craft beers, many of which have featured in previous subscription packs and are available in store and online.

You can download the full list online at:

The download includes a digital book with detailed tasting notes on each beer and background information on the 4 different polling/rating sites.

As a subscription subscriber here’s a sneak peak at the top two beers, Pirate Life Double IPA and Feral Hop Hog. Complete list online at: