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​Balter IIPA ’ Vintage 20 375ml Can

​Balter IIPA ’ Vintage 20 375ml Can

16th Nov 2020

Beer description: Originals are great, but sometimes you want to slide a little zing in the playlist. Remix a classic beat with some cowbell thrown in. Balter has done exactly that with their new 2020 edition IIPA. The brew takes the same malt base people loved in past year’s Balter Imperial IPA, but uses totally different experimental hops to add fresh notes. American Strata is the latest hero hop, with some Simcoe and Australian Cascade thrown in for good measure. The result is a full-flavoured balance of Northern meets Southern hemisphere hops.⠀

“One of the exciting things about beer is just how much variation there is, even within the same style of beer,” says Balter Brewmaster Scott Hargrave. “This edition was a great way to give a nod to our IIPA fans, yet still showcase how much its flavours can change with a single ingredient tweak. That’s the point of our experimental releases. They’re about trying things and seeing where they land. We didn’t think we’d be putting Aussie rascal Cascade in a big beer like this, but the interplay with Strata connected by Simcoe creates a surprisingly quaffable drop, especially for an IIPA.”⠀

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Photo by: @balterbrewers⠀