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​Batch Dank Double West Coast IPA 375ml Can

​Batch Dank Double West Coast IPA 375ml Can

18th Oct 2021

Available online & in store:⠀

Beer description: Bra, this IPA is sick man. I mean it’s got that resin vibe, that hoppy vibe, that bitterness vibe….it’s just The Dank bra.⠀

We totally put in some Gladfield and Voyager malts to leave a little malty sugariness, so it’s not too bitter from the Warrior hop addition. Then the rest of the hopping regime, oh my gawd dude! Tons of Galaxy, Vic Secret, and Cascade got thrown in the whirlpool when it chill'n like a villain at 85 Celcius.⠀

“Woah, what does that mean dude?” I hear my compadre’s ask. Dude, it’s totally out of this world, cause with a double dry hop bro, its soooo DANK!⠀

Photo by: @batchbrewingcompany