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​Batch Trippy Hippy Citra XPA 440ml Can⠀

​Batch Trippy Hippy Citra XPA 440ml Can⠀

15th Jan 2020

Beer description: Our resident hippy made a pale ale, that’s hopped like an IPA….and then some! This bodacious beer is a combo of clean American pale malt and a pinch of Vienna, creating a classic pale ale base. It has just the right amount of soft malty goodness and a sunny golden hue reminding you of that sweet sunset on the beach you once had with your mates….you remember it….hazily. This base is the perfect foundation for a luscious garden of tropical delights, created by adding copious quantities of Galaxy and Citra hops, both in the kettle and fermenter, providing a huge burst of passionfruit aroma, a tangy taste of grapefruit, and some sweet melon. Are you sure this ain’t an IPA? This hippy must be trippin’!⠀

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Photo by: @batchbrewingcompany⠀