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​Beer Advent Calendar Day 24: Little Alchemist The Stone Double IPA⠀

7th Jan 2020

Brewery: Little Alchemist⠀

Location: Sydney⠀

Style: DIPA⠀

ABV: 8%⠀

Beer Description:⠀
This is our big bad Double IPA. The Stone has been brought back to life for our 3rd Birthday in November. This is the Grandmaster to the Wildfire XPA as well as our IPA and we haven’t only upped the anti we have used our entire hop allocation on this beast.⠀

Named after the Philosophers Stone which was the Magnum Opus for the Alchemist’s of time gone past. This is what we have been working towards releasing since we first started in 2016. ⠀

We have thrown almost our entire allocation of hops at this beer to make it the hoppiest beer we’ve created to date. Using our knowledge from previous brews we have balanced this beer by relying on the Oats, Wheat and Yeast to make this beer a finely balanced beauty to behold. With a big Double Dry Hop of Cascade Citra and Vic Secret this beer is going to be one to remember.⠀

Photo by: @bluedoors⠀⠀