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Beer Of The Month Club

5th Sep 2012

Joining a Beer of the Month Club is one of the easiest ways to sample new beers from around the world. It's also one of the most hassle free and convenient ways to track down new beers because the selection each month is done for you and the beers are delivered straight to your door!

The Beer Cartel Monthly Beer Club comes in two formats and with varying membership lengths. We have a 6 pack (aka half dozen) and a 12 pack (aka dozen) option, meaning that regardless of your budget or if you want to share your pack with someone else we have just the right size for you. A beer club membership also makes a great gift for any beer drinker. Below are some quick steps to purchasing your beer club membership.

1. Choose a pack format. Either half dozen (3 different beers x 2 of each) or dozen (4 different beers x 3 of each)

2. Pick the length of membership you'd like. We offer 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month or ongoing memberships.

3. Decide if you would like to pay it all in one go or if you would like to Pay By The Month. Selecting to pay by the month is a great way to budget for good beer. (Pay By The Month payment option is only available when purchasing with a credit card).

4. Proceed to the online check out and enter address and payment details. Remembering to add a note in the comment box if you are buying it as a gift for someone. Please note we only send orders within Australia so a valid Australian delivery address must be provided.

5. Hit the place order button and presto your beer club membership is done! Your first pack will be sent at the start of the following month (e.g. buy in August and the first club pack will be the September issue).