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Beer quality takes on quantity

14th Jul 2010

Over the past five years there has been a dramatic shift in the Australian beer drinking landscape with consumers moving from drinking larger quantities of mainstream beer to smaller quantities of better quality brews. Flavour is reigning and it is the result of people like yourselves who are letting their beer selection do the talking that has the big breweries running scared. The same shift is happening the world over with major global brand like Budweiser also in decline.

To put the changes in the Australian market into perspective we thought we’d share some recent facts about the beer scene in Australia:

- About 5 years ago there were approximately 70 micro breweries and brew pubs operating in Australia …. now there are over 140 to choose from!
- Recent industry figures show that beer sales are generally in decline; August volumes fell 7.6 per cent, marking the eighth consecutive monthly decrease.
- Fosters flagship mainstream beer VB has fallen in volume sales by 15.4% over the last 8 months while their low carb Pure Blonde has dropped in volume by 20%. For Lion Nathan’s Tooheys brand sales are down by 16.2%.
- To maintain their share of the market Fosters is shifting its focus to innovation with a Belgian style witbier which is traditionally brewed with 50/50 wheat and barley malts set to be released.