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Beer Squealers & Growlers

21st Mar 2012

So a lot of people have been asking "What on earth is a beer squealer or growler?"

Here is a quick run down on what they are and why they rock!

Growler is the term given to the 64 fluid OZ / 1.89 litre amber glass flagons used in the United States by customers who wish to take draught beer home from the bottle shop or their local brewery. A squealer is very similar to a growler except that it is only half the capacity (32 fluid OZ / 945ml). An image of a squealer and growler is below.

The concept is simply. 

You purchase a  growler ($15) or squealer ($10) from our beer store (or online via the product images below) and it's yours to keep for life (or until you lose it, a mate steals it cause it's so cool or you break it!). 

You then come into our Sydney store and we will fill it with whatever we have pouring on tap during your visit. The vast majority of beers we pour on growlers and squealers are either limited release, single batches or keg only beers. This means that unless you visit the brewery or a bar that has that beer on tap you are unlikely to get the chance to take some home with you or even try the beer. 

Once you have purchased your empty growler the actual fills will vary from about $20 to $40 depending on the beer (limited release, ABV content, complexity, international etc).

So what are you waiting for? 

We've tapped over 200 different kegs and filled thousands of growlers since being the first  Sydney beer shop to offer growlers in August 2011. So get your thirst on and come see us in store for a squealer or a growler filled with the best local and international brewers have got to offer! (Unit 9 / 87 Reserve Road Artarmon). 

To find out what is currently pouring on  growlers and squealers click here

Just want to buy the growler or squealer for use at home (e.g. transferring beer from kegerator to take to a BBQ)

You can now buy our squealers and growlers online

Do you already have your own growler but think it would make an awesome gift for someone else?

Then why not buy them a Growler Gift Pack (available online only, ships Australia wide). Includes 1 x glass growler, 2 x premium beer glasses, 1 x growler cap and growler fill voucher (filled in our Sydney store).