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Best Vegan Craft Beer Options

Best Vegan Craft Beer Options

Posted by Matt Jenkin on 24th Sep 2018

An estimated two million plus Australians now identify as either vegetarian or vegan, with more and more people taking on the ethical lifestyle choice daily. Australia is now declared the third fastest growing vegan market in the world.

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Obviously going vegan doesn’t have to limit the amount of delicious and naughty things one consumes; fantastic craft beer is definitely not off the table!

Considering the purest form of beer consist of just four ingredients; grain (usually barley), hops, yeast and water you’d think essentially all beer is vegan. There is even a Bavarian law dated as far back as 1516 which is still actively in force today - albeit slightly revised as yeast wasn’t even scientifically known about at the time - titled ‘Reinheitsgebot’, which stipulates that a beverage could only be considered beer if it contains barley (grain), hops, yeast, and water, nothing more.

But alas, beer isn’t always vegan, even if its only ingredients are the above four. Certain procedures in the brewing process may utilise animal products such as isinglass (fish bladder) and gelatine. Also, craft brews may contain honey, lactose or other animal products in them for flavour and/or texture purposes.

You can find out if a brewery, or beer, is vegan relatively easily online, or by contacting the brewery directly (as I did for a few on the list).

Here is a list of the best breweries, and their best beers, that are certified vegan (don’t use animal ingredients, additives, or processing agents).


From Australia:

Image: piratelifebeer


Balter XPA




Barley Griffin

Murray’s Craft Brewing Co.

Murray's Rudeboy Pilsner

Murray's Grand Cru

Murray's Dark Knight

Murray's Icon 2IPA

Murray's Whale Ale

Murray's Wild Thing Imperial Stout

Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale

Murray’s Angry Fred IPA NEW

Pirate Life

Pirate Life Throwback IPA

Pirate Life Golden Ale

Pirate Life Hopco

Pirate Life IPA

Pirate Life Stout

Pirate Life Pale Ale

Pirate Life IIPA

Pirate Life Mosaic

Red Nut

Mort's Gold

Stone & Wood

Pacific Ale

Green Coast Lager

Jasper Ale

Garden Ale

Stone Beer

Two Birds

Sunset Ale

Golden Ale


Bantam IPA

Young Henry’s

Cloudy Cider

Hop Ale

Real Ale

Natural Lager

Newtowner Pale Ale


Amanda Mandarin IPA

Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter

Betoota Bitter

Hans Gropo Farmhouse Quencher


Yulli's Charles Tan Hefeweizen & Chuck Black Bunya Nut Porter (Black & Tan Twin Pack)

Cocky Laura West Coast IPA

Seabass Mediterranean Larger

Slick Ricks Rampaging Red Ale

From Overseas:

Image: sierranevada

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout

Boont Amber Ale

Brother David’s Double

Hop Ottin’ IPA



Cocoa Psycho

Jack Hammer IPA

Hardcore IPA

5AM Saint

Punk IPA

Nanny State

Elvis Juice

Dead Pony Pale Ale

5 A.M. Red Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale

Celebration Ale

Pale Ale




All of the beers listed above are available here at Beer Cartel and can be delivered right to your door.