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Birra 32 tasting at Critini's

1st Jan 2013

Critini’s are well known for their Italian food, particularly their pizzas – so when Italian brewery Birra 32 (32 Via dei Birrai) sought to launch their range in Sydney, their Woolloomooloo wharf venue made the perfect location.

Birra 32 are an Italian artisan microbrewery, who like many Italian brands bring passion, creativity and enthusiasm to create first class products. The name of the brewery 32 Via dei Birrai represents the international trademark class for beer - in essence communicating a desire to be first in class.

The brewer, Loreno Michielin, has connections with Belgium and a love of Belgian beer, so it is probably little surprise that the range of beers all have a Belgian base to the style, which has then been overlaid with Italian flair. The range are all made to pair perfectly with food, through balanced beers that either contrast or complement the food it is matched with.

The premise of Birra 32 is to be in the finest locations throughout the world, and it through this philosophy that they appear in La Rinascente centre, the Italian version of Harrods and also some of the leading bars and restaurants throughout the world.

Each beer we tried at Critinis was brought out with a dish to match and it was obvious that they do go well with food – including the Ace to 32, a beer vinegar which perfect for salads and fish. Standout beers were the Atra, a Belgian Strong Ale which had plum and raisin flavours, and the Oppale, a ‘hop ale’ which was fruity through its citrus notes and taste.