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​Blackman’s Vanilla Chocolate Mud Cake Stout

​Blackman’s Vanilla Chocolate Mud Cake Stout

3rd Jul 2020

Beer description: Have you ever sprinkled roast barley on top of the chocolate cake your Nan baked you for your birthday? Close your eyes, take a mouthful and come along for the ride. This rich, warming stout is brewed with numerous specialty grains including oats for that creamy mouthfeel, chocolate and double roasted crystal all yielding luscious layers of complex malty goodness.⠀

Vanilla and a high finishing gravity make this dessert beer both sweet and satiating, while the roast barley and oak balance it out. It’s a cake for all occasions.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @hopicurean_101⠀