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​Bracket Six Four Four DDH IPA 440ml Can

​Bracket Six Four Four DDH IPA 440ml Can

5th Oct 2021

Beer description: We’ve recently been playing around with a somewhat infamous yeast and once we mentioned this to DJ from Mountain Culture Beer Co. there was no going back. Apart from a solid whirlpool addition of Mosaic and Motueka we decided to let the yeast carry most of the tropical character of the beer while layering in spice and citrus with Citra and some single-farm Riwaka. Drier than what you’d typically expect from either of us but just as hop forward.⠀

This yeast has a tendency to drop out of suspension so give it an invert or 2 before pouring.⠀

Brewed by distance with our friends at Mountain Culture Beer Co. for our 1st Birthday. ⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @bluedoors