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​Bright Banana Split Stout

​Bright Banana Split Stout

3rd Jul 2020

Beer description: Inspired by the King of Desserts - the Banana Split Sundae - comes our sweet, rich Banana Split Stout.⠀

Spurred on by the success of our recent Affogato Stout, our brewers Reid & Stokie have crafted another exceptional dessert beer, and brought the classic flavours of a Banana Split to life with bittersweet chocolate, a decadent, creamy body and mouthfeel, and a sweet banana aroma.⠀

Brewed with love, and Cacao nibs for a chocolatey punch, Lactose for a creamy body, Vanilla for a sweet kick, 400kg ripe banana for that classic Banana Split flavour.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @brightbrewery⠀