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Buying Beer In Rome (Italy)

7th Oct 2013

Italy (and Rome) are probably best known for pizza, designer hand bags and the Colosseum but it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that these long term craftsmen (and women) have quietly been devoting time to brewing the world's most consumed alcoholic beverage: beer.

If you are looking to buy beer in Italy here is some information which you may find useful/interesting.

  • Beer can easily be found in Rome (and other parts of Italy) with corner stores and super markets always stocking a basic range. I don't know the specifics of their liquor licensing laws and regulations but even mobile street vendors sell Peroni and Birra Moretti alongside packets of chips and coffee. As a result the traditional bottle shop as we know it in Australia is non existent.
  • The typical beers most super markets and corner stores have as a guide are:
    • Peroni
    • Birra Moretti
    • Corona
    • Heineken
    • Franziskaner
    • Leffe
    • Guinness
  • Some convenience stores have also started to branch out into greater international beer range, sometimes stocking 50 or so foreign beers including the likes of BrewDog, La Trappe and Mikkeller.
  • Interestingly if you are bar hopping and are mid beer when leaving ask staff to pour the remainder into a plastic cup as a roadie for the walk. In Italy it is not illegal to drink in public places.
  • If you are looking for a beer shop for some take away beers I'd recommend Beer Land Italy located in the Trqstevere areq of Rome. They stock the likes of Rogue, Mikkeller, Beer Here and a wide range of Italian craft beers. At my rough count they stocked about 150 beers and interestingly the store was joined onto a burger takeaway shop. Beers here start around 5 euro.
  • My top 3 recommendations for beer bars in Rome - bir & fudopen balladin - pourquoi brasserie
  • Italian craft beer consists of 500 or so micro-breweries (as of 2013) which are creating great beers to keep the ever so curious local and international consumer satisfied.

  • Like many things the alcohol market in Italy appears to be less regulated than Australia - they still have street corner cigarette machines that an 8 year old could access while standing on a milk crate! (not that I am advocating easy access to tobacco)