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Clipp Craft Beer App

24th Mar 2016

We’ve written about beer apps for your mobile before, like Untappd, which is a virtual little black book of all the beers you’ve had in the palm of your hand. If you don’t have it and are still using Excel spread sheets to track the beers you’ve enjoyed we highly recommend you check Untappd out, available for both iPhone and Android.

Another app which has gained momentum is Clipp. Clipp is a mobile app that creates a “virtual tab” when you are at a participating venue. We love it because a lot of craft beer venues have embraced it, plus it has a stack of great features:

Multiple cards - you can link multiple credit cards to the app, e.g. a personal card and a separate business card which could be used when paying staff/client drinks

Auto invoice/receipt – you automatically receive a tax invoice when you close your tab, perfect for work expenses

Eligible items – it can be used for both food and drinks at most venues

Split bills – you can “join a Clipp” to easily split bills with friends

No credit card - never get your card out again or have to leave it behind the bar

Speed of service – service is generally quicker as there is no waiting for a credit card to be swiped or PIN entered

Points – you can accumulate points at certain venues which can be used towards craft beer in the future

Convenience – the app is simple to use and you don’t even have to go to the bar to close your tab, you can close it off in the cab on the way home!

Lots of venues – available at over 600 venues across Australia 

Clipp Craft Beer App