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Craft Beer Collective All Time Favourite Beers - Ryan McCall from Mountain Goat

6th Feb 2019

Saturday’s on the Craft Beer Collective is when we get a member of the public or industry to tell us 3 of their all time favourite beers. For our first ever Saturday guest selector we have Ryan Beers McCall from Mountain Goat. check out his favourite beers below:

Mountain Goat North Street IPA: While this may seem like an obvious choice from me, I am particularly fond of this beer as it has all the things I like in a West Coast Style IPA. The big fruity character from the Cascade hops is complimented by a really distinct spicy note from the Idaho 7 hops. Great flavour from the first taste to the lingering bitterness on the back and I am always partial to a 6.5% session beer. I think the other reason this is one of my top three favourite beers is that this style has always been a favourite of mine and I consider this to be one of the better representations of the style.

Green Beacon 7 Bells Passionfruit Gose: Definitely my favourite sour beer, the big floral passionfruit flavours on the nose and on the front of the palate are rounded out by the clean salt on the back. The salt on the back also has a delicious consequence of making you want another beer! Every single time I go to Brisbane (which is quite regularly) I stop into Green Beacon for a pint of this delicious beer.

Grifter Pale Ale: Always been a big fan of this well crafted pale ale with a bright hoppy floral character and distinct orange branding. Little Creatures Pale ale is the beer that got me into craft beer and when I first tried this beer it was really reminded me of that epiphany beer. I think the key reason I’m such a huge fan of this beer is how balanced it is the tropical bitterness is there but it is balanced out buy a smooth creamy malt base. Once again Grifter is a brewery that I visit frequently and I always kick off with one of these delicious pale ales.