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​De Molen Push & Pull BA Stout

​De Molen Push & Pull BA Stout

6th Mar 2020

Beer description: This exceptional stout was brewed with among the ingredients pils, crystal, caramel,chocolate barley malts and almond, chocolate, coffee and vanilla extracts. After that it was gently barrel aged in bourbon barrels. A heavenly - dessert inspired - beer with perhaps the same dilemma’s as the specific dessert if it appears at the menu after a luscious dining. The name of the Italian dessert ‘Tiramisu’ means as much as 'pick me up’. So you know you want it, because it’s delicious and exactly the craving you have at a certain moment in the evening. A guilty pleasure that pushes & pulls your very adult and wise intentions opposite of your irresistible need for something really satisfying: Push & Pull.⠀

Available online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @biervaneijk