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​Deeds Crackpot Theories Hazy IPA 440ml Can

​Deeds Crackpot Theories Hazy IPA 440ml Can

13th May 2022

Available online & in store:

Beer Description: It was Citra. What you don’t understand is that we all think it was Citra? All day Citra.

Citra, Citra, Citra. Why can’t you see that in reality, Citra knew Mosaic and they were working together. This Mosaic-Citra truth, or more like conspiracy, is only known because our leader came forward. El Dorado has been involved since the beginning, in the background, keeping a low profile but doing the necessaries so we all know it was Citra following Mosaic.

Now if that doesn’t blow your mind, let’s talk about Strata. It literally throws the doors open, literally. Crazy times lead to crackpot theories, but can you connect the dots? Maybe you could, but we heard that there’s a shortage of string making it near impossible … convenient right?

Great Photo by: @the_craft_beer_symposium