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​Deeds DKAT Vic Secret Hazy DIPA 440ml Can

​Deeds DKAT Vic Secret Hazy DIPA 440ml Can

13th Sep 2021

Beer description: Social media is a special place. We always like to take note of the most enjoyable comments we see out there. One of our favourites had to do with a particular hop. The drinker stated, “Don’t Know About That […] Hop!” However, the focus of their vexation didn’t appear in the dry hop, and only in the beer in an amount that it wouldn’t have registered even on the most sensitive of palates.⠀

Welcome to our series where we explore what hops can do solo! Enter Vic Secret, one of our favourite Australian hops!⠀

Brewed in partnership with Hop Products Australia, the fine purveyors of Vic Secret.⠀

Avalaible online & in store:⠀

Photo by: @craftbeeroclock