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DEFINITELY NOT CRAFT. Lion (the owners of Little Creatures &...

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DEFINITELY NOT CRAFT. Lion (the owners of Little Creatures & James Squire) gave us a care package containing this beer.

This is the true Milton Mango: Summer Bright Lager Mango made at the XXXX Brewery in Milton, Brisbane.


The beer is big in mango flavours and tastes more like a cider, definitely not craft beer!

Pro Tip: If you ever need to work out if a beer is craft or mainstream look at the colour of the glass. Glass that is not brown or black means the beer degrades much faster. If you find a beer with green or clear glass then it is all about marketing and not about the actual beer.

Sorry Lion we might leave this one (but we do appreciate the samples of James Squire, Little Creatures, White Rabbit, Panhead and if it ever makes its way back across the Tasman, Emersons!).


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