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EP 11: Stone & Wood Stone Beer, Epic Brewing IPA, Sierra Nevada 4 Way Pack Review

27th May 2016

01:10 Quick overview of new beers in this week

01:50  Stone & Wood Stone Beer

06:00 Epic IPA's ( Eric The Red IPAStone Hammer IPA)

07:19  IPA Four The Better (Epic / Liberty / Wired / Hop Federation Collab)

07:40  Sierra Nevada 4 Way IPA Pack

11:00  Australian Craft Beer Survey

11:44 Sydney GABS Festival 

Lots of new beers this week from Australia, NZ and the USA. 

In this video Geoff talks about the history behind making a stein beer (Stone Beer) and Stone & Wood's take on the brewing process, including some information about where the stones were sourced from by Brad Rogers, head brewer and co-owner of Stone & Wood.

He also gives a bit of information on Epic Brewing from New Zealand and talks about why one beer writer called Epic a "One Trick Pony" back in 2012.

Sierra Nevada's 4 Way IPA pack has also arrived in store and Geoff talks about Hop Hunter and the hop process that it uses which is different to the norm as well as the Experimental IPA that is included in the pack. Did you know that hops can take about 10 years to go from Experimental to Commercial!?

And last but not least he gives a shout out to GABS (Great Australian Beer Spectapular) which is on this weekend 27-28th May 2016. For anyone going, check out some LIVE broadcasts Geoff plans on doing on the day!