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Expert Beer Advent Calendar: day eight - Schneider Weisse 'Arventinus Eisbock'

Expert Beer Advent Calendar: day eight - Schneider Weisse 'Arventinus Eisbock'

8th Dec 2018

Beer Name: Arventinus Eisbock

Brewery: Schneider Weisse

Location: Kelheim, Germany

Style: Eisbock

ABV: 12%

Beer Description:

Magic and a black soul - the mahogany coloured, almost black "Eisbock" for sensuous indulgence, best served in a balloon glas. Matured in a special freezing process following a special recipe, with a soft, elegant body, but still intensive. Spicy flavours of plum, banana and clove reveal themselves along with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan. Tempting as digestif, to crepes, dark chocolate, Tiramisu and fully ripe parmesan cheese.

About the Brewery:

"We believe that pleasure truly enriches our lives. That's why we brew our beers with much pleasure right from the start, applying distinct methods, natural, regional ingredients and rich flavours – unique and always special. This way we create exceptional beers, as special as life itself.

This requires to rely on quality without compromise, even if this means greater investments in time and labour. Our range of products shows, that in the face of all challenges we never lose our joy and curiosity when following new and at time crazy ideas." - Schneider Weisse