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Expert Beer Advent Calendar: day seventeen revealed - Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing Co.) 'Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrogant Bastard'

Expert Beer Advent Calendar: day seventeen revealed - Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing Co.) 'Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrogant Bastard'

17th Dec 2018

Beer Name: Bourbon Barrel Aged Arrogant Bastard

Brewery: Arrogant Consortia (Stone Brewing Co.)

Location: Escondido, California 

Style: American Strong Ale

ABV: 8.1%

Beer Description:

I awake from a slumber that’s been anything but peaceful. I don’t take kindly to idling and I am anything but neutral. Life has nothing to do with killing time, and the knowledge that months have passed since the onset of my sequestering in this pitch-black oaken tomb (albeit a barrel flush with brilliant aromas of vanilla and char) does not sit well. But then comes a tingle followed by rejuvenating warmth, signs that something is different…something has changed…and for the better.

I feel stronger yet somehow more nimble and refined. I feel even more self-assured, and my vision for what is good and right, honest and true, is as laser-sharp as the brawny, bawdy, liquid Arrogance that shall further advance my battle against all things mediocre and geared toward the lowest common denominator. I have been born anew and, in the process, anointed with vibrant, inspiring, previously unexperienced character, all while maintaining everything I am and have always been—bold, bullish, unadulterated, and yes, Arrogant.

Are you Worthy of quaffing a beverage of this intensity, irreverence and quality craftsmanship? Not likely, but for those who “get it,” I know my time in this bourbon barrel has not been wasted. Cheers to you, enlightened imbiber. On second thought, cheers to me! 

About the Brewery:

"We exist out of the line of sight for most, in the space between light and shadow, just out of focus. We are crusaders raging against tyrannical mediocrity. We operate in silence, yet our influence speaks loudly. Where the masses blindly accept the status quo, we illuminate an elevated standard. We believe the people of this world deserve better than what the establishment has given them. We empower our legion of followers to demand greatness. We believe good is not good enough. We never settle for acceptable. We are not alone in our mission. Our legion is strong. Our infiltrations are as extensive as they are covert." - Arrogant Consortia