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​Feral Finn Diesel IPA

​Feral Finn Diesel IPA

30th Jun 2017

Photo by: @pour_me_one_too

Beer description: Inhale the intoxicating exhaust of pine, perfume and citrus as this rust bucket of a beer shudders and backfires sweet, heady fumes deep into the atmosphere. Late kettle hopping fuels bitterness as the strong malt body jump starts the palate to leave your senses under-steered and overheated. This is a death trap of another time, passed over the pits, free to once again cruise the mean suburban streets.

A front and centre stage for the new-to-market hop product Lupulin Powder, Finn Diesel uses both Simcoe and Citra extracts throughout multiple stages of the brewing process to showcase the vast potential of the newly released substance in a large-scale brew.

Introduced to market last year, Lupulin Powder is a purified concentration of the resin compounds and aromatic oils extracted from whole hop flowers and is found to provide intense flavours and aromatics without the astringency and vegetative qualities of the remaining cone material.

Available in store & online:

Note: 2 x 4 Pack Limit due to high demand