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​Fullers Vintage Ale 2018⠀

​Fullers Vintage Ale 2018⠀

6th Aug 2019

Beer description: For Vintage Ale 2018 we’ve stayed close to home; all of our ingredients have been sourced from the U.K. Tropical, citrus and apricot flavours take centre stage, delivered by Ernest and Olicana hops. Pale ale malt from the finest Maris Otter barley combines with Crystal malt to give the beer a rich biscuit sweetness. As with every Vintage Ale, the flavours of this beer will develop for many years to come, like a fine wine or whisky. As the beer is bottle conditioned, a natural sediment will form; so pour carefully, sit back, and enjoy the very finest of Fuller’s ales.⠀

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Photo by: @olutkellari