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​Future Mountain Beyond Horizon Mixed Ferment Witbier

​Future Mountain Beyond Horizon Mixed Ferment Witbier

17th May 2021

Beer description: Mixed Ferment Witbier Aged in Oak Barrels w/Chamomile & Tangelo - BEYOND THE HORIZON is a Witbier fermented in Oak Barrique Barrels with a mixed culture containing Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces.⠀

After 3 months maturation in the barrel, we added Chamomile and Tangelo peel directly to the barrel.⠀

It pours a vibrant golden straw colour with a firm white head. The floral, perfume-like aromatics from the Chamomile gives a wonderful herbal character that carries through to the palate. As the beer opens up, the citrus notes become more apparent. The interplay between the herbal tea qualities and the juicy citrus peel lingers on the palate and aided by notes of oak, reinforces the breadth & depth of flavours BEYOND THE HORIZON has to offer.⠀

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Photo by: @futuremountainbeer